Is It Any Different If You Run Digital Marketing Campaigns On Singapore’s National Day?

On August 9th, Singapore celebrates the national day and at that time, 3D projections, artefacts, military tattoos and much more are publically displayed across the state. Of course, we are not here to make the day memorable, we are here to reveal why each digital agency Singapore claims that all the strategies and actions associated with marketing must be completely different from one day to another.

Perhaps it sounds strange, but a proper marketing is a targeted, time-sensitive activity. On the National Day of Singapore, you will have to pay special attention to the details, specific objectives, strategies, and goals. Below we will reveal mandatory strategies to consider on that day.

Local and direct marketing is a key

The main objective to follow is to think local. People of Singapore love their National Day and they are very proud of their rich history and achievement. On this day, all of the advantages from the history are publically displayed. That’s why the marketing approach must be different than the one you can use on other days.

Thinking and using local is the key element here. By offering them a product, service or anything else is great for your success, but also for the people. All experts will tell you that you must think local and must place people first, before the brands. Understating the customs, language and all other basics of the National Day and Singapore, in general, is the first and the main thing to consider for marketing on 9th August.

Stand out from the crowd

One of the oldest marketing agency in Singapore put the accent on the originality of the marketing campaign. This is also essential, due to the fact Singapore has been in a raise with the marketing agencies and marketers in general. As such, local people get too much of advertising every single day. But, for most people, many of the ads are almost the same. Here is your chance to change all of that!

The main point is to be original and to provide something to the people that is completely different than all others have to offer. As the final approach, boost the ads of your brand on that day, which are specifically developed for the National Day. Do not use standard ones.

Relevant ads for the platforms and content

On the previous National Day of Singapore, we were able to see a huge rise in the posts on LinkedIn and social media that have a few things in common. All of them were glorying the history and the culture of Singapore. A proper digital marketing agency in Singapore will help you make this a benefit for you.

The idea was to offer content that is relevant to the posts on social media, but doesn’t compromise the success of marketing strategy. One example that was used last year is related to LinkedIn. Basically, a local digital marketing agency in Singapore created an infographic related to the number of LinkedIn users in Singapore (there were more than 1 million back then). The final result was amazing.

Do not push a product towards the consumers

Rough marketing is developed as a way to move the product or a service closely to the consumers as possible. On most days of a year, this actually works and it is commonly used. But, on this day, it isn’t! In a matter of fact, it will have a catastrophic effect on the campaign and the profit!

On this day, the main objective should be to ‘’call-in’’ consumers to the product, not to serve them directly in front of them! Because the day is all about fun, pride, relaxing and enjoying, the target audience will indirectly prefer soft marketing. The simplest way how you can understand all of this is to follow the motto ‘’sense before money’’. If you do, the success of the marketing campaign is guaranteed.

Combine the brand with the National Day of Singapore

Here we have one of the most important questions that aren’t as easy to answer as you may think. Should you combine the brand with the national day or not? In essence, it can be a huge success or even bigger disaster. One digital marketing agency in Singapore revealed a safe way to test this objective. All you will have to do is to answer the following questions:

  1. Is a brand associated with the National Day?
  2. What will consumers get?
  3. What has the brand to offer?

If the answer to all three questions is positive, implementing the marketing strategy into the national day is recommended, if not, avoid it. As we have mentioned, this is a tricky objective to consider. It can be the best and the most profitable method, but only if you use it properly.

Preparation for the National Day

If you own a digital agency in Singapore, you will have people who will do all of the facts we mentioned above and those we will mention below instead of you. If not you will want to prepare the strategy for the day in question. So, what are the trends to consider?

The main one is related to the messaging apps. People in Singapore use Whatsapp the most. Viber is rare app and WeChat is even rarer. That’s why using Whatsapp advertising is crucial. On the National Day, the number of users who use the app increases for 20%.

B2B advertising is another element that requires preparation. On the National Day, this type of business and this kind of marketing is the most profitable. You will be able to see how each digital agency in Singapore is forcing this kind of advertising on the mentioned day. After all, profit has the main role in the advertising.

Using these strategies, objectives and you can even call them tips, will not only make your marketing campaign profitable, they will make it more reliable, durable and just right, just in a way Singaporean people like.